Moshi Koshi - The Noodle Boss

Moshi Koshi - The Noodle Boss

If you’re looking for a good noodle place that not only offers your favorites but also serves only authentic Japanese cuisine, then head over to Mandaluyong City and you’ll find Moshi-Koshi.

Moshi-Koshi offers authentic Japanese noodles and dishes that will truly satisfy your hungry appetite. With a variety of options on their menu, Moshi-Koshi truly captures the heart of authentic Japanese cuisine.

‘Koshi’, by definition, is this certain characteristic that the Japanese look for when eating noodles, whether it be soup-based or dry. It is when the noodle is tender and chewy, firm but not hard, and has resistance to the bite. This is something Moshi-Koshi understands and values, as they strive to achieve this perfect balance every time they serve their noodles. Having developed their own propriety technology and technique, Moshi-Koshi innovates by having their own noodles made in-store every day making sure customers get them fresh daily.

Moshi-Koshi specializes in 3 main types of noodles: the Ramen, the Udon, and the Soba. For those who love the classic, thin yellow noodles, the Ramen options would be perfect for you. The Shoyu Ramen has a soy sauce-based soup, which has a very savory and satisfying quality. The soup perfectly complements the noodles plus the meat and vegetable toppings. The Shio Ramen is a salt-based soup and is just as tasty. This is perfect for those who want a lighter flavor to their soup to focus more on the toppings and the noodles. The Niku Udon is a perfect example of the state of Koshi-ness of a noodle. You can feel the resistance of the thick noodle to the bite, which makes a very refreshing experience for those who aren’t necessarily familiar with the variety of noodle soups. It had a very meaty and savory taste and this is a definite must try. The Miso Ramen is also a must try, with its rich, intense taste. The Tempura Soba was also a delightful treat. With just the right amount of salt in the soup, it went perfect with the crisp Shrimp Tempura. This is great for those who are health conscious as Soba is the considered the healthiest of the 3 noodles.

Aside from the wide variety of noodles they offer, Moshi-Koshi also serves great sides and rice meals. The Agedashi tofu though firm, has a very silky texture and is one enjoyable add-on to your meal, this one is a definite must have. The Kara-age is a boneless chicken meat coated in crisp batter cooked the Japanese way. The Kani Salad is a refreshing side and is perfect to cleanse the palette in trying different noodles. For those who want a rice alternative you may try the rich Beef Curry served with hot Japanese Rice. To top off the entire meal, try the in-house Coffee & Green Tea ice cream.

With the motivation they exude to produce quality noodles, customers are sure to experience the authentic Japanese that Moshi-Koshi has mastered.

Kindly contributed by Bryan San Andres of Breakfast Magazine
Photography by Alexis Kim Cuizon of Breakfast Magazine
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