Moshi Koshi – The Noodle Boss

If you’re looking for a good noodle place that not only offers your favorites but also serves only authentic Japanese cuisine, then head over to Mandaluyong City and you’ll find Moshi-Koshi. Moshi-Koshi offers authentic Japanese noodles and dishes that will truly satisfy your hungry appetite. With a variety of options on their menu, Moshi-Koshi truly […]

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What Jin has to say about Moshi Koshi

Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss ♥ ♥ Moshi Koshi is a small and simple, pay as you order noodle place. So I am rather impressed that they make their noodles fresh in the premises. And cook them in this automated noodle boiling machine to guarantee that you get perfectly “koshi” (al dente) noodles in every bowl. Miso […]

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